[Release V1.1.5] 2017-01-16

[Release] Release:Hive-Falcon-V1.1.5 Release v1.1.5 version,The following changes:

  1. Add S3 manager menu.
  2. Fixed quartz task exception.

[Release V1.1.4] 2017-01-10

[Release] Release:Hive-Falcon-V1.1.4 Release v1.1.4 version,The following changes:

  1. Add HDFS manager menu.
  2. Fixed Onliner viewer exception.

[Release V1.1.3] 2016-12-07

[Release] Release:Hive-Falcon-V1.1.3 Release v1.1.3 version,The following changes:

  1. Add Storage includes Redis & MySQL.
  2. Query data results by key redis type
  3. Write the SQL statement to obtain the MySQL results
  4. Add HBase metrics & visual
  5. HBase cluster healthy,write & read request counter and query hbase table records

[Release V1.1.0] 2016-11-17

[Release] Release:Hive-Falcon-V1.1.0 Release v1.1.0 version,The following changes:

  1. Add the map and reduce numbers for each task
  2. Modify the yarn task list sort rules, Hashcode algorithm will be sorted, modified to Long type comparison size

[Release V1.0.9] 2016-11-11

[Release] Release:Hive-Falcon-V1.0.9 Release v1.0.9 version,The following changes:

  1. Add permissions to operate Hive Falcon system
  2. Content includes sign in, assigning users, viewing records, and resetting passwords

[Release V1.0.8] 2016-10-31

[Release] Release:Hive-Falcon-V1.0.8 Release v1.0.8 version,The following changes:

  1. Increasing cluster capacity monitoring, usage rate, occupancy, and cluster run time
  2. Physical memory and JVM memory usage using Counter MapReduce statistics for Map and Reduce stages

[Release V1.0.6] 2016-10-24

[Release] Release:Hive-Falcon-V1.0.6 Release v1.0.6 version,The following changes:

  1. Add yarn metrics to monitor cluster healthy & task consumption resource details
  2. Add alarm module, alarm exceeds the threshold of the task & remove unused configure
  3. Statistics on the day of the task consumption of resources, as well as the consumption of resources in the top 100 tasks
  4. Statistics results and log details are stored to migrate to HDFS for management and maintenance

[Release V1.0.2] 2016-10-10

[Release] Release:Hive-Falcon-V1.0.2 Release v1.0.2 version,The following changes:

  1. Tasks module add ApplicationId logs detail
  2. Add YARN tasks running graph information

[Release V1.0.0] 2016-09-30

[Release] Release:Hive-Falcon-V1.0.0 Release v1.0.0 version,The following changes:

  1. Hive Falcon module (Hive Clients , Tables, Hadoop DataNodes, YARN Tasks & Hive Clients Graph)
  2. Query module (Editor and Run Hive SQL & Show MapReduce log detailed information)
  3. Tables module (Display all tables and table structures for Hive)
  4. Tasks module (Display YARN tasks information)
  5. Clients & Nodes (Display Hive Clients & Hadoop DataNodes detailed information)
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